David Crowhurst, Bookkeeper

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Quickbooks Expert

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David Crowhurst, Bookkeeper


Eagle Bookkeeping is a Sonoma County bookkeeping firm, based in Windsor, California with a satellite office in Santa Rosa. David travels to your place of business anywhere in Sonoma County.

Bookkeeping Services

your place or ours

  • New bookkeeping system setup
  • Efficient services at your business site or done remotely
  • Accounting reports for your tax preparer
  • Help for in-house bookkeepers

Special Expertise

an accountant for the price of a bookkeeper

David has over 25 years of experience in bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation, working with small businesses, He literally knows business accounting inside out!

QuickBooks and Peachtree Software Expert

David is a longtime trainer for QuickBooks and Peachtree accounting software, and he frequently provides expert advice to their test designers to help them design appropriate questions for their proficiency exams.

profitability expert

Is your business profitable? How do you go about answering this question? David has a method of determining the answer, and if it's "no", he can help you turn this around.

Construction Industry Specialist

David understands job costing, and is an expert at helping construction businesses doing electrical, plumbing, construction, and other service work. He helps people find ways to make their businesses more profitable and frequently advises construction businesses about job costing, so they can bid successfully on jobs and make more money.

Efficiency Expert

Whether it's setting up a new bookkeeping system or cleaning up an existing one, David can help you streamline your bookkeeping process to save you time and money. He is able to find problems at a glance and can quickly identify where you need to focus your effort.

Excellent Communicator and Trainer

David has a knack for clearly explaining accounting concepts to help small business owners and their in-house bookkeepers learn how to manage their books and use their bookkeeping software correctly.

Contact David Crowhurst

Contact David at Eagle Bookkeeping for a consultation on your bookkeeping situation at 707.953.1976.